Top Six Charms for the Busy Witch or Wizard

Time is very valuable in the sense that it can pass by fast. Many Witches and Wizards can find themselves running around, not getting everything done needed, so here are the top six recommended Charms to save time, even if some are only by a few minutes. Every second saved counts!

6: Ferula Ferula is a helpful little charm that conjures bandages. So instead of scrambling around trying to find a band-aid in the cabinet when you are bleeding, Ferula is a perfect solution, especially if you do not know any healing charms! Then you can continue with your activities (like Quidditch), just like that!

5: Reparo Reparo is a charm that fixes broken objects. It has saved my life so many times. When I drop my mother’s snow globe that’s worth about $50 in Muggle money (approximately 10 Galleons, 6 Sickles, and 21 Knuts), instead of my mother finding out and making me do time-consuming chores until I can pay her back (my parents are both Muggles), I can just cast Reparo and ta-da! no chores, hence saving loads of time. Reparo can also save the time normally spent on digging around for Gorilla Glue or Duct Tape, and besides, Reparo is a much cleaner solution!

4: Lumos Lumos is a very popular charm that is known to most witches and wizards. However, it has rightfully earned its spot as Number Four. When you are in bed in a comfortable position, but you just heard your floor creak so you need to check if there is an intruder, instead of having to get all the way out of bed and walk all the way over to the light switch, just cast Lumos! No long walking required, hence saving time AND making life that much easier!

3: Evanesco Evanesco is a spell that vanishes objects and living things “into non-being, which is to say everything” (hope we made you proud, Vero!). This means that when your parents tell you to clean your room, just vanish the huge pile of trash and you’ll be done in five seconds! It saves the tedious work of bending down to pick up all the pieces of trash, separating the trash and recycling, putting the trash into the trash bin, and the recyclables into the recycling bin. So, instead of taking about thirty minutes to clean up, trash is gone in five seconds with little effort involved!

2: Scourgify Scourgify is a cleaning charm. Back to the “Mom-told-you-to-clean-your-room” Scenario, where all the trash has vanished, then cast Scourgify and boom! all the dirt and dust is gone! A twenty-minute job, including scrubbing until your arms are sore, reduced to seconds!


1. Accio Accio has earned its place as number one for good reason. You are sitting on the couch watching Muggle TV because it’s fascinating to you when you realize you would really love some snacks. Instead of getting up and walking all the way over to the pantry, just summon it right to your hand! As long as you know where the object is, you can summon it to your hand a matter of seconds to a few minutes (depending on distance and the concentration of the witch or wizard).

All of these time-saving charms can be used to further reduce time spent on daily tasks. The uses suggested are simply the first ones that came to mind. If you are creative, you can make time-consuming tasks take up less time so you can do the things you love! So remember, fellow witches and wizards, every second saved counts when you are busy!

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