Incorporate these Muggle Objects into Your Year at Hogwarts… With Stunning Results!

With Hogwarts children going back to school soon on the First of September, several Hogwarts students are getting a head start on gathering school supplies. A few days ago, I ran into Misha (Sweet_Rapture) getting ready her upcoming Fourth year at Hogwarts! I asked Misha what she feels the most important school supply is. “Nutty bread. If you can find the ‘secret’ Nutty Bread spot hidden away in a certain third floor corridor, you will be met with an unlimited supply of a subtle sweet and tangy bread that will always brighten your day, whether you’re stuck in a class or just need a quick pick me up to get past the last flight of stairs. Nutty bread is always my go to.” While I agree Nutty Bread is definitely 100% required to survive at Hogwarts, Muggle objects have also proven to make your school year more successful and fun in school: here are three of our favorites!


Pencils are these weird Muggle artifacts that Muggle school children use instead of a quill and an inkwell. A Pencil is so intriguing! Similar to how we use quills, Pencils are used to write, whether it be to jot down Professor Poto’s DADA notes on Hinky Punks or to hurriedly complete Professor Diddly’s Bouncing Bulb essay before class. The cool thing about Pencils is that Muggles don’t even need to constantly reload their quills or refill their ink bottles with a Refilling charm! But how does it work? Well, on a Pencil, there are two sides. At one point, there is a pink eraser that Muggles use to get rid of any mistakes they made, then they can rewrite their words properly. The other side is a piece of lead grey in color. The lead is consistently sharpened by Muggle schoolchildren so their letters are nice and thin. It is right and left-wand handed Witch and Wizard friendly, unlike a quill, where you will just smear ink all over the paper if your wand hand is your left hand. A Muggle Pencil might take some getting used to, but I think it could make your school year at Hogwarts better and easier.

Muggle Books

Everyone gets tired of reading “One Thousand Magical Herbs and Fungi” by Phyllida Spore every once in a while. So, I suggest for your free time at Hogwarts, read a Muggle book! Muggle books give you a fascinating insight into the Muggle World along with Muggle’s intriguing perspectives on daily actives. Keep your eyes peeled too! You might just find an instance where a loose dragon was on the run, but the blind Muggles claimed it was a pre-show for the Fourth of July. They really will make any excuse, however lame or twisted, to cover up magic. It sure makes the Obliviator’s jobs easier! Anyways, I have found Muggle Books are instructional as well as entertaining and they sometimes help me de-stress after a fierce OWL study-session.


While the good old Hogwarts: A History states that Muggle technology would go haywire and break in the presence of Hogwarts due to the magical activity, recent evidence points otherwise. The Muggle Studies professor is strongly rumored to have a hidden Wi-Fi router! So, it is safe to assume that with this hidden Wi-Fi router, Muggle phones can be used in Hogwarts, contrary to the twenty-year-old-or-so Hogwarts: A History. I mean, Hogwarts: A History was a required book when the famous Boy Who Lived went to Hogwarts, so what’s to say the information is still up-to-date? Anyways, back to Muggle Phones. Muggle Phones can be used for many things such as setting up reminders to do homework, conversations with Quidditch teammates as to when your next practice can be, and much more! Muggle Phones can be confusing and hard to get used to, but with a little practice, you’ll get the hang of it!

With these three Muggle objects: a pencil, a Muggle book, and a phone, I believe your school year will be much more enjoyable and stress-free. There are many more fun Muggle trinkets out there, waiting to be explored! So happy searching, have a great school year, and be on the look out for Nutty Bread!

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