Professor Potato Cancels His OWLs!!


The Quibbler has recently uncovered information that Professor Potato (lovingly referred to as Poto) has canceled the rest of his OWLs due to his new inability to hand out his test papers. At first, he assumed it was merely a case of having a Sticking Charm cast upon his hands. Supposedly he had been helping Professor Archeress test a spell for her next lesson. When asked about the moment he first realized he couldn’t hand out his test papers, Professor Potato said, “I completely forgot about that while doing a written session and I was like, ‘why can’t I drop these answer booklets?!'”

Unfortunately, Professor Archeress was unable to remove the charm, and unavailable for questioning. Students that happened to be attending that session of written exams were asked about their bizarre experience. Slytherin student Wacky Peakes said, “I was very surprised! Professor Potato has never had something like this happen during his classes.” The rest of the students expressed similar astonishment at the incident.

For now, Professor Potato has had to cancel the rest of his OWLs until a solution is found. What will the rest of the fifth years do now?!

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