Wizard of the Month: Jake

Jake stepped into the world of Dumbledore’s Army when he joined the Bagman family in Little Hangleton. On his 11th birthday, he sprinted to the Knight’s Bus, ready for an adventure to the wizarding world. Jake made his way to the castle of Hogwarts and got sorted into Ravenclaw. Soon he became friends with many and inspired everyone.

What Jake enjoys to do the most in Dumbledore’s Army is explore the almost labyrinthine castle, and the diverse streets and roads of Diagon Alley, because there is always something new to find. He also likes attending classes, you get much information from them, and of course, you get to do the activity as well.

Jake applied for DA in late May, he really liked helping people. He may also want to be a professor at some point, the next step for him. Jake wants to be a person everyone on the server can trust, and that’s who he is.

“Being a DA would let players new and old know I’m someone they can come to and trust.”

As per tradition, we asked a few people on the server to say a few words about Jake:

Erdal (Erdalumos): “He is helpful and enthusiastic about everything.”

Noah (Noah_Meh): “I like Jake, he is a good person and I trust him.”

Ellie (DinoEllie_x): “Jake is very helpful and kind.”

Jake is indeed very helpful and kind, he has done a lot for the community, and that’s why this article was written.

We here and the whole community wish Jake good luck as he continues to help people and being a big part of the community!

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