Is the Honeydukes Robbery and Eeylops Emporium breakout Solved?

Is Gemma Potato, A Hogwarts Headgirl, responsible for the Honeydukes Robbery and Eeylops Emporium breakout? Potato is quite a well-rounded student and is a role model among Hogwarts students, but the evidence shows otherwise. According to our first witness, Raven Malfoy, Gemma was seen stuffing LOADS of jelly slugs into her mouth during a Potions class. “I was minding my own business, working on a Sleekeazy’s Hair Potion, when I looked over to see Gemma casually stuffing her face with jelly slugs! Who knew someone could fit that many slugs in their mouth at once?!” Jelly Slugs are one of the many things that were stolen from Honeydukes. It’s also rumored that Gemma has gotten into a fight with Honeydukes owner, Ambrosius Flume, over not selling her Jelly Slugs and Sugar Quills, which were out of stock at the moment- which is very suspicious…

Our second witness, Ashlyna Levsky, a fellow Quibbler writer and the writer of the Eeylops Emporium breakout article, had very much to say on the situation. Levsky saw Gemma smuggling cats in her robes. “I was walking through Hogsmeade when I saw Gemma. I heard cat sounds coming from her robes!” Levsky said Miss Potato went into the Shrieking Shack, and that she was too afraid to follow her into the spooky building. This wouldn’t the first time the Shrieking Shack has been used to hide mysterious things. This is very suspicious with the new evidence out that the breakout might not have been accidental.

The Ministry is currently investigating the allegations on Miss Potato. If you have any information and/or see Gemma Potato, report to the Ministry as soon as possible. We need to keep this possible thief off the streets!

2 thoughts on “Is the Honeydukes Robbery and Eeylops Emporium breakout Solved?

  1. I have evidence that Gemma Potato IS behind these robberies, please message me with an offer (in galleons) of how much you will pay me for my story. Thanks!

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