Who Actually Won May’s Hogwarts House Cup?!

On June 1st it was announced that Slytherin and Ravenclaw have tied for the winnings of May’s House Cup. Some students thought that this would happen all along. Ravenclaw students have great intelligence and creativity, but on the other hand, Slytherin students have extraordinary determination and resourcefulness. Professor Firenze says that he has predicted this all along, saying; “I have looked toward the stars and seen numerous signs of this even happening. I have asked Jupiter and he said that the number would happen to be 404. Which it later turned out to be.” Some students from Firenze’s class believe this theory with all their heart. They believe that the number 404 is Jupiter’s lucky number and that this was bound to happen.

As the Hogwarts Headmaster was about to announce the winner, the news came in that it was a tie. Every student thought that there must be some tiebreaker. Of course, there can’t be two House Cup winners, can there? The Headmaster looked up, opened his mouth and yelled; “Congratulations, Argus Filch, for winning the Hogwarts House Cup!” Everyone stared with awe at his words. “Yes. I will be giving this shimmering trophy to Argus Filch, for his centuries of cleaning and running around Hogwarts. He has truly given Hogwarts its clean atmosphere, even though he may leave muddy footprints himself..” Every student and staff in that Great Hall cheered for him.

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