The Knight Bus Corporation

The Knight Bus Corporation, established in 1865, is a magical transportation agency for the stranded witch or wizard. The Corporation is international and sends drivers around the world with trademark triple-decker purple buses. All one has to do to board one of these buses is hold out their wand arm and pay the fee of just a few sickles! The Corporation sends out one driver, conductor and bus pair to each region of the world; regions are divided every three time-zone changes. To get across multiple regions, one must take multiple buses- the fee shouldn’t be any extra, as tickets for the bus last for a full 24 hours!

Once you board a bus, you will be offered, for just a few extra sickles, a cup of hot chocolate (no guarantee it won’t spill!) or a toothbrush in any color plus a hot water bottle. When the seasons turn to summer, however, the Knight Bus Corporation has been known to sell delicious limited edition popsicles! Flavors vary every year, but the price always remains in one spot; 5 sickles. Knight Buses also have lovely hospitality. Every passenger gets an armchair during the day that, at night, transfigures into a bed! Conductors will take your luggage to your seat for you.

Muggles notice nothing of the Knight Bus, so long as they don’t touch it. They can’t hear or see it, thanks to a very powerful Imperturbable Charm! However, due to this charm, which enables these buses to leap out of the way of things it would otherwise bump into, you might experience slight discomfort and be sliding around when riding. You may also feel a bit pinched at times, as the bus can contort to fit thin spaces, although it doesn’t seem too bad when you desperately need to travel somewhere. As a talking head once said… it’s going to be a bumpy ride!


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