Raven Gets Real: DAs, Decisions, and Direction

June 2017

How to be Accepted for DA
Hey, so I know this might not be something that is right to ask, but I need help: I joined a couple months ago, and for the first month I yeared up and just became nestled into the community. The next few months I started to help more and more. Soon, some DAs and a couple of staff commended me on my efforts, and supported my decision to apply for DA. And so I did; a couple months ago I applied, however I made a huge mistake regarding staff and my DA application. After that, I took a break and now I returned and I’m back at helping. However, I think it’ll take months to be able to re-apply and have a chance at being accepted. Plus, my mistake included being mean to some DAs, which I feel terrible about. I haven’t seen them on, but I think they are still mad at me. How can I fix that without making me feel more ashamed of myself? I don’t know how to face everyone again. I’m still healing, and trying not to give a damn about what anyone else thinks anymore. Anyway, how can I mend old relationships anonymously and still be able to be accepted as a DA when I re-apply again? Please help, Anonymous Kitty <3


Hi Anonymous Kitty!

First of all, don’t ever assume that you’re the first one of us to screw up. All of us have made mistakes of which we are not proud. Don’t let that discourage you. I think you’ll find that staff and DA are very forgiving of these sorts of things; after all, that is a major reason they became staff and DAs in the first place. As for the things you can do to improve your situation, it seems that you are already moving in the right direction. The fact that you sent in this inquiry in the first place is a good show of your sincerity to make things right. That is a great first step! Don’t worry too much if it takes you a few more months to feel ready to reapply for DA. That doesn’t mean you’re doing poorly as a member of the community. The best advice that I can give you is to only apply to be a DA when you feel like you’re 100% ready for the responsibility. But as for your main question: how can you mend old relationships anonymously? To be quite frank, you’d probably stand a better chance at being accepted for DA by taking responsibility for the mistakes you have made and sincerely apologizing for it. I won’t mention names, but there have been many people that have broken rules (and even been banned) that have come back into good standing with everyone on the server. It is still possible to become a DA after admitting that you’ve done something wrong. It’s actually even praised because it shows the staff and other DAs that you have changed and are willing to do what it takes to make things right. It’s the same on the server as in real life: Honesty is the best policy. However, I also understand the desire to keep your pride intact, and that is perfectly fine. One surefire way to make amends is to be sincerely kind and helpful with everyone you encounter (which seems to be something you are already doing, so keep it up!). Perhaps rather than making a large public apology, send messages to those you feel were most affected by what happened and privately apologize. I can guarantee that the staff and DAs will be discreet. Good luck with whatever you decide, and know that you have my support!

<3 Raven


Whadduuu I Do?!
I finally reached Year 5 on DA, and find myself with nothing to do. I really enjoy the community of DA, and hate leaving when I really have nothing to do. I’ve already done most of the Year 7 requirements and at this point am really just farming hours in the Main world. Any tips on what I should do to occupy myself in the main world? (plos I’m desperate)


Hey there!

Definitely don’t leave the server! There’s always plenty to do to keep yourself occupied if you get creative! I know I’ve found a lot of things to do by joining clubs and striving to help the newcomers. Set random goals for yourself if you want, like becoming a DA member or learning how to build (there’s a club for that, too!). If you haven’t done the current quests, go do those! They’re all excellent fun and you won’t be bored doing them. If you HAVE finished all of the quests, don’t fret; new ones are being written, and hopefully they’ll be out soon. In the meantime, Felix just announced that Quidditch Beta testing is ready, so that’s a fun activity you could get involved in. Lastly, since you’re Year 5, do what you can to study for OWLs! You’ll get the opportunity to take them eventually (sooner rather than later, most likely), and you’ll need all of the knowledge you can get to pass them! Trust me, I would know. If you’re wondering what you can study since the study guides for next OWLs aren’t even ready, take a look at the HP wiki or the Harry Potter Lexicon. Read up on everything you can, re-read the books, talk to people! The more you think outside the box, the more I’m sure you’ll find fun things to do. Good luck in your search!

<3 Raven


What is the best way to decide something? I’ve had this problem SO many times and need to relieve myself of this burden. The agony in choosing where in Hogwarts is my favorite place or choosing whether I like fried potatoes or grilled potatoes better is anything but painless. Help me please I’m a poor soul.



You have posed an excellent question! Making decisions is hard no matter what it is in life. If you have the patience to do so, try writing out a pros and cons list for the more important things you need to decide. Something I really struggled with deciding was what to get my Bachelor’s degree in when I first started college. I originally started out in ASL Studies (American Sign Language). After two years I moved on to Musical Performance (Voice), then added Theater, then dropped Theater and added English (Creative Writing). After a year of that, I finally decided to get my Minor in Music and my main degree in Creative Writing. As you can see, I couldn’t make up my mind. The “problem” with that is that I love all of those things equally. Sometimes the best thing in life is to NOT decide right away. I know that sounds like the opposite of the advice you’re looking for, but sometimes the only way to decide something is to try everything you’re considering. And if you can’t make up your mind even after that, then decide that you like each thing equally! As for deciding which place in Hogwarts is your favorite, that’s impossible. Every place should be your favorite. 😉 I hope you found something in this useful.

<3 Raven

2 thoughts on “Raven Gets Real: DAs, Decisions, and Direction

  1. can i reset my account in da because i played the dahp like 5 months before and i quit because my mum doesnt let me play and then when i came back to play again my money was gone and it says im not a wizard
    how di i become a wizard

    1. Hey there Winniez,

      Sadly I’m sorry you cannot reset your data. It sounds as though you need to go get your wand from Ollivander’s and then head to the courtyard at the castle. There will be signs in front of the stairs, make sure you click left sign first then the right sign. Enjoy the updates o/

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