Professor Minticore Keeping Bowtruckle Slaves?!

It was discovered recently that a population of Bowtruckles was living in very uncomfortable conditions near the Care of Magical Creatures classroom. The poor creatures were forced into small trees with very bad health and seemed to tremble whenever our reporters approached them. Some of the Bowtruckles reportedly had black spots on them. A few of them even looked like they had splinters or other injuries!

Who could be behind the misery of the Bowtruckles? Students speculate that it’s none other than their own Care of Magical Creatures professor, Professor Minticore. “I haven’t seen her working to prepare for classes at all recently, not even by waving her wand to set things up,” admitted an anonymous fourth-year student. When further questioned, the student told us that they “had always come to class early and saw Professor Minticore setting up in the past.” This definitely seems suspicious!
The accused professor denied keeping these Bowtruckles in horrible conditions and using them for labor with shifty eyes. While questioned, it was reported that her hands wouldn’t stop fidgeting. The beloved professor also refused any other comment.

Further investigation will be made by the Ministry in the near future, but for now, we’re left to wonder… who’s REALLY filling the Care of Magical Creatures class inkpots?!

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