Bewitched Cauldrons at Hogwarts?!

As of late, several Hogwarts students have reported their cauldrons draining, then refilling with water moments after. Other students noticed that their cauldrons have been acting funny. Some say one second its empty, and the next its filled with lemonade! Whatever may fill your cauldron, we warn you, do not drink it. A student, who would like to keep his name anonymous, accidentally drank the potion that was in his cauldron, mistaking it for the potion he had just made, and started puking slugs all over his desk. Rose Baggins says this; “I found a strange orange piece of hair near my bewitched cauldron. Which leads me to believe who ever is doing this had orange hair.”

The Professors are trying with all their might to find the student, or adult, who did this. If you see anyone who matches the description of orange hair, please ask them politely to visit Argus Filch in his office. Filch’s office and living quarters are located in room 234-00. It stands near the Great Hall on the first floor of Hogwarts. We hope someone will put an end to this cauldron bewitching.

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