5 Reasons You Should Include the Buddha’s Hand Fruit in Potion making

Now, some people might stay away from the Buddha’s Hand Fruit because of its looks. It is yellow and has these spikes poke out of it on one side that resembles fingers. Hence why it is called the Buddha’s Hand Fruit. Anyway, I think we should get into our 5 Reasons why you should include this wonderful fruit in potion making!

5. Vitamin C

The Buddha’s Hand Fruit has amazing Vitamin C. When you’re Brewing potions such as the Ageing Potion or the Wideye Potion. You should just add a tiny bit of its juice. In the Ageing Potion, the juice will make your bones less frail, so not to suffer. In the case that you would put it in the Wideye Potion, When you are having late nights studying or working, you won’t lose so much of the Vitamin C you get from eating fruits. Let’s not forget how much Vitamin C helps your skin receive that dreamy glow!

4. Wound Healing

We all know about the Antidote To Common Poisons Potion, what if I told you that you can use the Buddha’s Hand Fruit in this potion as well? Yes, The Antidote To Common Poisons Potion will heal you of most common poisons from your blood. However, the wound is still there, if you just add a drop of the juice from The Buddha’s Hand Fruit into this potion, and your wound will actually heal quicker. I love this one because there is no need to brew another potion to heal your wound!

3. Cough Relief

You have all probably heard of the Pepperup Potion before, many of you have probably taken in a few times. After you take the potion to get you over the common cold, you still have a little bit of a cough in you, well the Buddha’s Hand Fruit also helps with that! You just add a little bit of the skin into the potion, and you’re golden!

2. Bones

How often are you missing a bone and need to use a Skele-grow potion? For me, quite often. The buddhas hand fruit is powerful in vitamin C, and adding its juice makes your bone grow in faster and easier, speeding up the terrible process. Your new bone is now stronger and more sturdy, being sure not to break again! Plus, the fruit is a natural pain reliever making the whole situation a little less painful.

1. Relaxation

The buddha’s hand fruit is a natural relaxer. You may have taken the Draught of Peace before a big exam or test to calm the nerves. A little bit of this fruit goes a long way. Add a little bit of everything from the fruit into your potion and you will be relaxed for a longer time. The nerves instantly go away which is the best part!

This fruit has so many benefits, don’t let it’s mysterious looks scare you away!

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