Mystical Creatures – Centaurs

Some people say that most centaurs are full of rubbish, others say their intelligence of Astronomy is incredible. No matter what you think, we can all come to one conclusion. These creatures are absolutely brilliant. The name centaur comes from the ancient Greek word ‘Kentauros’, meaning ‘half man half horse’. Centaurs have the chest, head, and arms of a human, with the legs and torso of a horse. These creatures requested as a whole to be classified as a Beast by the Ministry of Magic. Centaurs have much human intelligence, including significant skills in the knowledge of Astronomy. Though these creatures did not want to share a classification with vampires and cursed witches.

Centaurs, in fact, can speak the human language. Though these beasts are huge stargazers and tend to mutter under their breath, they can indeed talk to humans and others of their kind. If you only saw the top portion of a centaur, you may believe it looks like an elf. Its ears are elf-shaped, and most centaurs have an unusually long neck. Most of these creatures have dark tan or brown fur for their horse half. Centaurs are well known for their Divination and archery skills. These beasts do not use magic, but rather rely on the stars, and on their ability with archery.

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