Weird Sisters Announced Reunion Tour

The Weird Sisters have announced a reunion tour for 2018, 23 years after Myron Wagtail (Lead singer) & Gideon Crumb (Bagpipes) left and the band imploded.

The famous rock band had hits like “Do the Hippogriff” and “Magic Works” in the 1990’s, but Wagtail and Crumb walked out after the concert at Hogwarts Yule Ball in 1994, saying their time in the band was “like torture”.
The Weird Sisters will pick up where they left off, playing Hogwarts during the summer holiday in 2018.

The reunion was sparked by a road trip to Egypt, where all members recorded a couple of new songs.
“I was astounded to find out Myron and Gideon had been listening to a lot of the same music we’ve been listening to,” said Merton Graves (Cello) “When they left the band, we were worlds away creatively”.
“It was quite poignant to think that we’d landed 23 years later and there was some creative common ground” added Donaghan Tremlett (Bass).
“It was just a really fun time,” said Crumb. “It felt like we were just hanging out with old, good friends.”

Fans Are Excited!

The band announced their reunion at the Leaky Cauldron in Diagon Alley, the same place where Myron and Gideon announced their break-up in January of 1995. A dedicated group of fans waited for the band outside, after traveling from across the UK in anticipation of the reunion.
“It’s magical!” said Rebecca, who had traveled to London from Northern Ireland.
“The Weird Sisters are my entire life”, said 35-year-old Melissa. “They’ve always amazed me, no matter what they’ve done. Solo, in different bands, they’ve always been so good to me”.

The rock formation promised new material to accompany their tour, acknowledging that their discography was a bit small for a new tour. “The Weird Sisters only had 2 albums, with only 3 hits,” said Heathcote Barbary (Rhythm Guitar). The tour will feature all 8 members of the band.

– Heathcote Barbary (Rhythm guitar)
– Gideon Crumb (Bagpipes)
– Kirley Duke (Lead guitar)
– Merton Graves (Cello)
– Orsino Thruston (Drums)
– Donaghan Tremlett (Bass)
– Myron Wagtail (Lead singer)
– Herman Wintringham (Lute)

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