Gringotts Scam?! Are your galleons being stolen?

All throughout this past week, various witches and wizards have reported galleons, and other belonging being stolen from their vaults. These incidents have been recorded in the High-Security Vaults, on the very bottom floor of Gringotts. Rose Baggins says this; “As I was depositing some galleons into my vault, I saw these hidden wizards shooting, what looked like, very powerful spells at the Hungarian Horntail, which guards the High-Security Vaults. I wanted to say something, but I was very frightened, and ran back to the mine cart.”

Later, it was discovered that these ‘hidden wizards’ were casting the Imperius Curse at the guard dragon. The Horntail was then controlled to break into the High-Security Vaults and eat the galleons, and other belongings in them. Millions of galleons, and thousands of very expensive items were eaten by the dragon. Fortunately, the wizard’s plan had backfired, making the Hungarian Horntail instead chew down all the galleons, and in turn, having them all destroyed. The wizards were eventually caught by the Ministry, where the were then put in court, and later today into Azkaban.

Gringotts have received a more powerful, and efficient dragon, a Ukrainian Ironbelly. This dragon is the most powerful, and the largest dragon that has ever been spotted. The Ministry of Magic have cast a special protection charms on this dragon, so it cannot be controlled, or even be spelled on at all. The goblins at Gringotts have also installed enchanted muggle cameras outside of each vault. The Ministry also restored all the thieved galleons and belongings to their rightful owners.

Is this the last time this happens? Are your galleons still in danger?

2 thoughts on “Gringotts Scam?! Are your galleons being stolen?

  1. I lost 3,700 Galleons! First I had around 3,700.48 Galleons, then I lost 1,800 Galleons, so I had 1,900.48 Galleons left. Two days later, I gained 400 Galleons from rewards but then I lost 2,200 Galleons! I had only 0.48 Galleons LEFT! It was AWFUL!

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