5 Things you didn’t know about Muggles!

As a pure blood witch, the muggle world fascinates me. Ever since I was little I wondered how muggles lived without magic. When I finally got the opportunity to discover the wonders of the muggle world, it overwhelmed me how muggles made their own version of magic. They call it “Technology” and people called “Scientists” are constantly developing this Technology.

1. Muggles think Magic is a form of entertainment

Many muggles do believe magic exists, only not in the form we know. They have magicians who are really good with slight of hand which makes it appear as magic.

2. Muggles have moving pictures as well

However, it isn’t called a picture anymore. Muggles are calling moving pictures a “movie”. They go to massive halls to watch these movies together on a big white screen. They make these movies on a handheld thing where they are addicted to.

3. Muggles CAN fly

Muggles have made machines called “aeroplanes”. Those aeroplanes can fly, and they fly a lot. They gather at a big building called an “airport” where they walk in a aeroplane. After they are all in the aeroplane, it starts to accelerate after which it magically starts to fly.

4. Muggles know famous wizards like Merlin

They know him so well, they made moving pictures about him. Only muggles think Merlin is a fictive person who only lives in legends.

5. They have dishwashers

Muggles are just like wizards and witches when it comes to the dishes. The Scientists have developed a machine that does the dishes for them, just as we use magic to do our dishes.

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