May Horoscopes!


Unleash your inner Hippogriff this month! You’re bold and brave and beautiful; use it to your advantage, but try not to scare anyone. Your intensity can be overwhelming at times. You may be likely to ingest something harmful, so a visit to your local healer is encouraged. Go on a daring adventure sometime this month, but make sure to avoid the Hinkypunks that will lead you astray.


Your rational side will be dominant this month, which will be a great benefit to your friends and family. You may bee in the market for a promotion or a new leadership position, but don’t be too anxious if the Wrackspurts slow you down. Even if you have to start out working with the hypothetical Flobberworms, work hard and you will eventually achieve success. You have the patience of a saint, and your enthusiasm for life will cheer up everyone around you.


This month may find you in need of some advice worthy of a Ravenclaw, and your friends and family will be the best place to get it! Let out your inner Gryffindor and fight for the things you want; you’ll only succeed. This month will lead to a major increase in your energy levels, and you’ll find yourself completing projects that were long forgotten. Go for it! You may just prove yourself to be a superhero.


All eyes are on you this month! It’s not a bad thing, so use the spotlight to make some positive changes around you. You never know what you can achieve. It’s okay to cuddle up like a Pygmy Puff, too. It will help you ground yourself in reality and recharge your batteries. You may struggle with the Blibbering Humdingers causing you to feel self-doubt and negativity, but you can fight it off with a billywig propeller to elevate your frame of mind.


This month is your time to shine! Have you managed to adopt a Niffler? That’s what everyone will think, for you’ll shine both literally and figuratively. Use it to your advantage. Surround yourself with your trustworthy Gryffindor friends, then go out and relax in nature. You may have some serious bling, but letting your ego swell to the size of an Erumpent is a bad idea. Stay grounded, and remember to go after the things you want in a reasonable manner.


Celebrate your achievements like the winner that you are! You deserve to brag about the things you’ve accomplished, so go ahead and do it! Just remember to be kind as you do. There’s a serious risk of you running out of patience this month, so be on the alert for any Nargles that may seek to wreak havoc. Don’t rush into anything as you go about your normal schedule, for the more hurried you are in your work, the worse the outcome will be.


Don’t be too hard on yourself this month. You may not like what you see when you look in the mirror, but everyone else knows how wonderful you are. If necessary, seek reassurance from your friends and family. You may have a tendency to feel like the world is judging you, so stick close to the rules and you’ll be fine. Rely on your inner Hufflepuff to keep you on the straight and narrow.


This month is slated to be a tough one. There are forces beyond your control seeking to throw you off balance, but you are cunning like a Slytherin and brave like a Gryffindor so you’ll get through it! Be honest with everyone you meet, and your days will begin to look brighter. Don’t forget to spend some time daydreaming. The sky is the limit!


You are as fierce as a dragon this month! That’s an excellent characteristic, but be careful that you don’t push away the people that are most important to you. Channel your inner Ravenclaw as you navigate through your days so that you avoid the worst-case-scenarios. Do your best to stay out of trouble and you’ll be fine.


Your strength and wisdom are your greatest strengths this month. When you’re faced with a problem you think is impossible to overcome, take the time to break it down into more manageable pieces. With this approach, there’s nothing that can stand in your way! Keep an eye out for any Class XXXXX magical creatures wandering around. There may be danger you’re not expecting. Remember to keep a positive outlook so that your month doesn’t feel so bleak.


Somehow you let the Crumple-Horned Snorkacks invade your life, and this month is set to be full of trouble. Don’t stress out about it, though. You’ll find a lot of entertainment in the chaos around you, and the time will fly by. Don’t try to fit your life into tidy boxes, for that will just cause you unnecessary stress.


Let out your inner Luna Lovegood this month and daydream away! Remember to nurture your relationships with family and friends, though. The last thing you need is for people to leave you. Don’t let people try to keep you in the dark. Ask as many questions as you need to in order to accomplish your goals. Let your hopeful side shine, and you will inspire those around you.

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