Spring Décor Review

Spring is in the air! And with every new season at Hogwarts comes decorations to match the occasion!  April is a time of growth, beauty, and new beginnings.  I had to ask Gemma what she thought of the new décor:

“It’s so nice to see the bright colours adorning the great hall and main courtyard after what feels like such a long winter.  I love how the carpets match the Easter Eggs dotted around the great hall and how the flowers are bursting from every flower pot.  In the main courtyard, the parkour and hop-drop challenge are entertaining and all in the spirit of spring.”

Gemma couldn’t have said it better, and I must note I spent a great deal of time perfecting my own parkour skills.  If you haven’t seen the jubilant spring decorations in the grand hall and the main courtyard go check it out!  As an extra challenge try counting how many eggs are scattered throughout the area, maybe you’ll find a new secret or two!


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