April Horoscopes!

Aries: The rash Gryffindor side of you plans to make an appearance this month—this is not necessarily a bad thing, but it is certainly a front you’re putting up that is hiding your true feelings. Don’t be afraid to let out your inner pygmy puff. Sometimes a good cry is exactly what you need. Go ahead and be ambitious. You believe in yourself, and that is extremely important. Use this quality to help those that are less self-assured, and you will wind up helping countless numbers of people.

Taurus: The Wrackspurts come calling this month, so make sure to take counter measures to ensure productivity. Watch out for suspicious strangers, especially those hiding under cloaks—they are not your friends. Don’t be selfish or greedy, or your tea leaves will take a turn for the worse. If you keep a positive outlook and remember who your friends are, you will find success in your endeavors

Gemini: You’re a true Ravenclaw this month! Any questions brought your way will be easy for you to answer if you’ve kept up with your studies. Don’t let this success get to your head, though. If you develop a tendency to boast about yourself, you’re inviting a colony of Blibbering Humdingers to take up residence in your head. Seek out your true friends, for they will encourage you to use your creativity. A brilliant idea will occur to you near the end of the month, so grab hold of it and run. You’re about to achieve great things.

Cancer: This month could be equated with trying to raise a herd of Blast-Ended Skrewts for you. Unfortunately, it’ll be busy, busy, busy! But don’t fret, because you have the determination and zest of a Hippogriff, and you are a force to be reckoned with! Don’t forget to take some time for yourself. Relax, read a good book, and let things slow dwn for a while.

Leo: Your outgoing and friendly Hufflepuff side is dominant this month. You’re the best at what you do, and this month you’ll be successful at whatever goal you set for yourself. Be wary of any suspicious activity around you, for Hinkypunks are in your future and might lead you off the path you’re meant to be on.

Virgo: Take a page out of Luna Lovegood’s book this month and let the wind take you where it will. You’ll have a tendency to be uptight, but if you let things roll off your back and keep moving, you’ll find success. Let whimsy be your guide. Travel somewhere you’ve never been before or read about some place you’d like to visit one day. You may just find a great surprise if you do.

Libra: Speak your mind like a true Gryffindor. You will encounter a mystery the likes of which you’ve never seen before this month. Go solve it! If necessary, fake it till you make it. What’s the worst that could happen


Scorpio: There is a high probability of accomplishing great things this month. You’ll have the energy of a Boggart in a crowded room, so use it to cross some things off your to-do list. People will also be drawn to you like you’re part Veela, but don’t let them overwhelm you or throw you off track

Sagittarius: This month will be full of uncertainty for you. You’ll feel as if you’re surrounded by Dementors at times, but hold onto your happy thoughts, and you’ll be fine. You have a lot that you need to accomplish, and you will succeed if you look for the silver lining at all times

Capricorn: You’ll be somewhat of a lone werewolf this month, as those that are close to you will be less reliable than normal. Don’t fret, though. Like a true Slytherin, you are comfortable on your own and are ambitious enough for a dozen people. Keep doing what you’re doing, and eventually, your people will come back to you

Aquarius: Try new things this month! You’ll have a craving to learn new and unexpected things, and that’s a good thing. If you work with numbers, be extra careful. You’re due for a visit from some Wrackspurts, and they will mess with your head. Listen to your family and friends; their advice will come in handy soon

Pisces: This month is going to be a tense one. It’s best if you stay at home as often as possible. Let your introvert out! Stay anonymous, and trouble will be a little less likely to hunt you down. Let out your inner Ravenclaw and gather as much information as you can get your hands on. It will be useful within the next couple of months.   

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