A Possible Future?

It has recently been announced that a new future for DA is possible. The staff has decided that it’s like being back in the 1.5/1.6 days. “An update is needed for the sake of progress,” says Felix, Headmaster of DA and Hogwarts. He has announced that it’s time to move to 1.11 +. If this were to happen, DA would change in a few minor ways, including but not limited to:
– Dual Wielding
– Additional brooms
– Hats

Still, since OWLs and NEWTs are happening at the moment, Staff’s plans may have to be put on hold. They are currently undergoing testing on private development servers – and they are already busy with OWLs – they have to deserve some praise there! They have said that they may open private testing for trusted people such as DAs and/or Heads.

Players with tags, packs, perks (./fly, ./nick) etc. are asked not to worry. Felix’s main focus is said to be making sure no data is lost between upgrades.  
However, Staff has made it abundantly clear that this decision is not final. “When we get closer to making the move, we will let you know (except an official thread),” Felix stated, making this point. Players are asked again not to worry; this won’t have much impact on the way they play normally, apart from a few minor upgrades and updates.

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