Ed’s Guide to Magical Creatures – Bowtruckle

The word “bow” comes from an old Scottish dialect meaning “dwelling” and “Truckle” comes from the old English word for “limb of tree.” A group of several bowtruckles is called a branch

The Bowtruckle can be up to eight inches tall and merely the size of someone’s hand. They are insect eating, tree dwellers with two long, sharp fingers on each hand. They are most commonly found in England, Germany, and Scandinavia. According to the Ministry of Magic, these beasts are classified as harmless and easily tamable. Their size and diet make them extremely non-threatening.

Bowtruckles serve as tree guardians for its home tree which is usually that of the Wiggentree. Their twig-like fingers allow them to dig out wood in search of small inspects to eat and also a weapon against predators particularly effective in attacking the eyes. Their bark coloring and twig-like structure help them camouflage into their tree.

To obtain wiggentree bark from a Bowtruckle’s tree, one would simply need to offer the creature wood lice or fairy eggs to temporarily distract it.

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